White filling

White filling

Cavities are a major threat to oral health. They ruin a person's beautiful smile and also cause sensitivity as well as pain in the teeth. If left untreated, they could infect a tooth to an extent that the tooth may need to be extracted. Hence, the filling is applied to cavities in order to arrest the infection, prevent further complications and restore the tooth to its original shape. Lately, the white filling is being widely used as it has many advantages compared to other alternatives.

Silver amalgam fillings

These dental fillings have been primarily used to prevent the infection without any focus towards the aesthetics. For a long time, metal fillings were being used to fill cavities. Silver amalgam and mercury were widely used for this purpose. They were good at preventing infection, but they can leave dark patches on the teeth. This would make the teeth look unappealing. However, in recent times, composite and ceramic fillings are being used to fill cavities. They can be made to match the exact color and translucency of your tooth, making them almost impossible to spot.

What makes composite fillings desirable?

  • They are excellent at getting rid of the infection. They also form a very good seal; thereby preventing further infection due to microbes.
  • They are strong and durable. They don't succumb to wear easily and daily activities such as chewing, biting, tearing, etc. can be carried out without having to worry about the filling.
  • They restore the exact shape and contour of one's tooth.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • They blend well with the natural tooth.
  • Metal fillings tend to expand over time, thereby causing the tooth to crack or fracture. There is no such complication when it comes to a composite filling.
  • Composite fillings do not stain easily. Proper maintenance would help keep them whiter.
  • They are the perfect option when it comes to replacing a failed restoration. Any tooth loss can be dealt easily with the help of composite filling.
  • They can be used to correct other small defects in the teeth.
  • The amount of tooth enamel that has to be removed before the filling is applied is minimal.

At Agah dental in Palo Alto, we use the best filling material to fill cavities, as it would functionally stabilize your oral health and would help restore your bright smile.


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